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BSc. Accountancy & Controlling

Financial services constitute a large portion of the Curacaoan Economy. The sef school of business has historically been able to address the need for financial professionals, especially in the realsm of controlling and auditing with the accounting program. This program inherently changes the curriculum accountants educated elsewhere follow. This program introduces the students to the essential parts of bookkeeping and internal accounting early on in the program allowing graduates to have more solid understanding of the entire financial reporting process.

Graduates of this program have consistently been able to deliver success in firms, allowing them also to continue on to their masters and respective credentials (RA, RC/EMFC, CPA).

For admissions to the Accounting program you should complete the First year of the Financial Management Program .After being admitted to the Applied Sciences program and completing the freshman year, you can apply to the Science program. If you don’t meet the abovementioned requirements and you are 23 years or older, you can register for a colloquium doctum exam.


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