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Erasmus Charter

The University of Curaçao Dr. Moises da Costa Gomez has acquired the Erasmus Charter for Higher Education for the full duration of the new Erasmus+ Programme (2021-2027). The Erasmus Charter for Higher Education (ECHE) provides the general quality framework for European and international cooperation activities a higher education institution may carry out within the Programme. The award of an Erasmus Charter for Higher Education is a pre-requisite for all higher education institutions located in an eligible country and willing to participate in learning mobility of individuals and/or cooperation for innovation and good practices under the Programme. The Charter is awarded for the full duration of the Programme.

Erasmus Charter & Policy Statement

Erasmus Charter & Policy Statement
Erasmus + Programs

Erasmus Policy Statement

The University of Curaçao dr. Moises da Costa Gomez (UoC) has adopted the Erasmus+ program and integrated it into various study programs offered in order to stimulate the student to pursue an international experience during his studies. The UoC is an international university that is a hub of knowledge in the region, linking American, Latin American, Caribbean and European scholars and students, who take academic thinking to the next level without losing sight of the cultural fusion. The Erasmus+ program plays an important role in this, as it makes it possible to bring together students and staff from all over the world to build networks, further develop knowledge exchange and promote the cultural values of all participating countries.

The International Office manages, in close collaboration with the faculties, the administration, promotion and implementation of the program.

The UoC has set out four key areas on which we will continue to work on during the coming ECHE period. These are:

1. Modernization: - through the implementation of the Erasmus Without Paper project
                                 - through the further digitalization of all administrative procedures
                                 - through the implementation of the Erasmus Student Card initiative

2. Inclusive education: - through the implementation of policies to promote equal
                                           opportunities to all students regardless of economic, health, social, 
                                           cultural or geographical background.

3. Quality development: - by developing programs which are positively assessed by the
                                              NVAO and participate in programs with an added value for the      
                                              academic growth of both students and staff.
                                            - by recognizing learning outcomes achieved during the period
                                              abroad including blended mobility programs.
                                            - by implementing control mechanisms to ensure the quality of
                                              use of the program.

4. Identity development: - by reinforcing our ambassador program under the outgoing
                                               students as preparation for their role of ambassadors abroad.
                                             - by preparing our students on the European identity and our role as
                                               an OCT island without losing sight of our culture and values.
                                             - by focusing on civic engagement for both incoming as outgoing

For further details about participating institutes, your application and important dates, contact our International Office at internationaloffice@uoc.cw.

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