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The department of Information Communication and Technology Services (ICTS) offers staff and students of the University various facilities and services in the area of Information and Communication Technology (ICT). The computer center also administers five computer labs (Escape, Windows, Multimedia, Network and Itanium). Four are used for teaching for both UoC students and other groups from outside the University. There is a free workgroup area (Escape) with 15 computers that are accessible daily for students at the UoC working on assignments, theses etc.

These computer halls are all equipped with computers with Windows operating systems. All computers are connected in a network and have an Internet connection. There are printing and scanning facilities at a modest charge in the free lab.

The ICTS department has a fast Internet connection that students may use to access information world wide that they may need during their course. The students can also have their own email address via the Internet facilities at the UoC.

For further information please contact the ICTS office at (+599-9) 744-2250. You may also e-mail us at: icts@uoc.cw

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