PhD Candidates

PhD Candidates

PhD Candidates

PhD candidates

The PhD candidates are supervised by a full professor of their own faculty and have access to lab facilities and support. A distinction is made between internal PhD candidates appointed by their own faculty at the University of Curaçao and external PhD candidates from outside the university. For more information about the possibilities to become a PhD student, please contact the chair of the UCRI, dr. Liesbeth Echteld, e.echteld@uoc.cw.

School of Law

  • Mr. L. Delgado 
  • Mr. Pascale Dingemanse

The Faculty of Engineering

  • Ir. Richinel Boelbaai
  • Ir. R. Bart

Faculty of Social Sciences and Economics

  • Guido Rojer MSc
  • M. La Cruz MBA
  • CPA E. Susanna MBA
  • Marvis Koeiman MBA
  • Agnes de Lima

General Faculty

  • Drs. Maxy Bak-Piard
  • Drs. Joyce Pereira
  • Melissa Koeiman MSc
  • Sayenne Goeloe MSc
  • Jury Arion MSc
  • Aronette Martis MSc
  • Jacqueline Martis MSc

Faculty of Social and Behavorial Sciences

  • M. Osinga MSc

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