Board UCRI

Board UCRI

Board UCRI

The structure of the UCRI

The management of the UCRI is carried out by the Board of Directors under the daily management of Dr Liesbeth Echteld. Via the Board of Deans advice can be received from the Advisory Board, consisting of professors from each faculty. UCRI receives cooperation from various cooperating universities in the Netherlands, in the Caribbean and elsewhere.

UCRI Board

UCRI Board
  • Board of Directors

    Board of Directors

    Dr. L. Echteld (Chair)
    Prof. dr. J. de Vries (finance)
    Prof. dr. L. Verhoeven (projects supervisor)
    Dr. A. Marchena (Crd.)
    Dr. O. van Brummen (Secr.)
    Dr. M. Groenewoud (Crd. Training)

  • Advisory Board

    Advisory Board

    Prof. dr. J. Spronk
    Prof. dr. R. Severing
    Prof. dr. L. Rogier
    Prof. dr. J. Halman
    Prof. dr. J. de Vries

  • Board of Deans

    Board of Deans

    Dr. F. de Lanoy (RM)
    M. Koeiman MBA (Faculty of Social Sciences and Economics)
    Dr. E. Echteld (Faculty of Arts)
    Ir. L. Ladeira E. Erkoçu MSc (Faculty of Engineering)
    Prof. dr. F. Goudappel (School of Law)
    Drs. M. De Castro (Faculty of Social and Behavorial Sciences)

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