Registration for current students

Registration for current students

Registration for current students

Re-enrollment for current students

Students must enroll for each academic year by completing a re-enrollment form. Re-enrollment for the academic year 2021-2022 is possible as of the 12th of July 2021.

Re-enrollment is completely digital. You can fill out the re-enrollment form and complete the financial part online in the comfort of your home.

Students receiving student aid from the Stichting Studiefinanciering Curaçao, Directie Onderwijs Aruba or DUO must enroll no later than August 13th, 2021. The final date for re-enrollment for all other students is August 31st, 2021. In case of late enrollment (i.e. after August 31st, 2021), there will be a late penalty fee of ANG 100,00 per month starting September 1st, 2021.

Financial Settlement Information

After you have received the confirmation e-mail about your re-enrollment form, you will receive an e-mail with an URL link to a prefilled financial settlement form. This form is to state the amount to be paid and you will have the options to choose which payment method you will be using this academic year. Please note that students who pay in full also have to fill in this form in order for us to receive your proof of payment. Your proof of payment will help us to identify your payment correctly among all the other incoming payments. After filling out this form and submitting it, you will receive a confirmation e-mail about your submission. A fully correct filled out form with all the correct documents needed will take a max. of 2 days to be processed. 

For more detailed information about the financial settlement process and the documents you need while filling out this form, please click HERE.

PG students with a cohort older than 2020 and CIPAS master students should contact our Finance Department for an invoice and we will proceed via e-mail with the financial part of the registration.

If you have any other financial questions or concerns, please contact us via e-mail finance@uoc.cw or give us a call at 744-2208 / 744-2211.


Are you having trouble filling out the forms? Do you have questions regarding the enrollment form or the financial settlement form? Please contact us for assistance or to make an appointment at studentaffairs@uoc.cw or call 744-2144.

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