Registration for current students

Registration for current students

Registration for current students

Re-enrollment for current students

Students must enroll for each academic year by completing a re-enrollment form. Re-enrollment for academic year 2020-2021 is possible as of the 13th of July 2020.

Re-enrollment is now completely digital. Yes! As from this year you can fill out the re-enrollment form and complete the financial part online in the comfort of your home.

Students receiving student aid from the Stichting Studiefinanciering Curaçao, Directie Onderwijs Aruba or DUO must enroll no later than August 7th, 2020. The final date for re-enrollment for all other students is August 31st, 2020. In case of late enrollment (i.e. after August 31st, 2020), there will be a late penalty fee of ANG 100,00 per month starting September 1st, 2020.

Financial Settlement Information

We kindly advise you to read the Student Charter 2020-2021 before you proceed, in order for you to know more about our procedures for paying your tuition.

Please note: by filling out the Financial Settlement Form, you have not automatically fulfilled your payment obligation nor are you automatically re-enrolled. If you are paying in full you will also need to fill out the Financial Settlement Form in order to upload your proof of payment. Your documents will be verified by Student Affairs and our Finance Department prior to re-enrollment.

Payment methods

There are three payment methods at the University of Curaçao Dr. Moises da Costa Gomez for our regular programs. For the correct amount in USD applicable for Bonaire students, we kindly refer you to our Student Charter 2020-2021

  1. Payment in full. Note that there is a different price for each degree or course.
    • ANG 5.100,00 a year for a bachelor’s degree.
    • ANG 7.100,00 a year for a master’s degree.
  2. Payment in 10 monthly installments
    • With a down payment of ANG 600,00 and a monthly payment of ANG 450,00 for bachelor or ANG 650,00 for master studies.
    • With a down payment of ANG 1.600,00 and a monthly payment of ANG 350,00 for bachelor or ANG 550,00 for master studies.
  1. Payment in two installments
    • Payment in two installments which consists of ANG 2.850,00 for bachelor or ANG 3.850,00 for master studies as first payment, and ANG 2.250,00 for bachelor or ANG 3.250,00 for master studies as second payment.

(This payment method is often used by our Aruban students with a study finance paid in two installments)

Pedagogical Certificate

The students who are in their second or third year need to pay a technology fee of ANG 100,00 to re-enroll. Please send us an e-mail at finance@uoc.cw with your proof of payment to be re-enrolled. The Financial Settlement Form is in this case not applicable.

If you have not yet finished the course within three years, you should enroll again as a new student and pay the full amount of ANG 5.930,00.

It is also possible to make a down payment of ANG 680,00 with 15 monthly installments of ANG 350,00. Please fill out the Financial Settlement Form as a new student.

Other certificate programs

All students who want to register as certificate student should contact our Finance Department for an invoice and we will proceed via e-mail with the financial part of your registration. Payment for certificate programs is only possible in full and is non-refundable.

Certificate students pay an enrollment fee of ANG 600,00 per academic year and ANG 132,50 for each ECTS. The total amount should be paid up front.

All students abroad (Bonaire, Sint Maarten, Aruba) who wish to pay in installments, need to set up a standing order/one-time transfer at their local bank or via online banking to upload a clear and fully readable copy of this when filling out the Financial Settlement Form. This is also applicable to students in Curaçao who have a bank other than MCB, RBC or BdC.

For a proper administration we strongly recommend all students who will have to set up their own standing order to put as starting date September 30th, 2020 and as final date June 30th, 2021.

Bank information

Local bank accounts


Maduro & Curiel's Bank


Banco di Caribe


RBC Royal Bank




Bank accounts abroad


Maduro & Curiel's Bank Bonaire


Windward Island Bank USD


Windward Island Bank ANG





All Aruban students or local students with a bank other than MCB, RBC or BdC should make their payments to our local MCB account number 88134108.

Please put your Progress ID first, followed by your full name as description when making your payment.

Documents needed when filling out the Financial Settlement Form

The documents needed when filling out the form are:

  • a copy of your ID card (sedula) or passport;
  • proof of down or full payment;
  • a valid bank account number (when paying in installments at MCB, RBC or BdC);
  • in case someone else will pay your monthly installments, you will also need a valid ID (local ID card or passport) of this person;
  • in case you will be paying in monthly installments from a bank outside Curaçao or a local bank which is not MCB, RBC or BdC, you will also need a fully readable copy of a standing order (SO). In case the SO is set up at the bank, this should be stamped and signed by the bank;
  • in case you will be making two payments (apart from your first payment), you will need a proof of your one-time transfer for your next payment with a date as latest of February 28th, 2021;
  • in case you are eligible for a family member discount, a proof of family membership. This can be a wedding book, a family book or an extract from the municipal register (read our Student Charter 2020-2021 for more details).

Family member discount

Students who have an elder direct family member e.g. a sibling, a parent or a married couple who studies at the University of Curaçao in the same academic year, are eligible for a monthly discount of ANG 100,00 for each month both of them are enrolled in the current academic year. Please bear in mind that the elder one in the family will have to pay the normal tuition fee without any discount. For a proper administration and monthly payment, we strongly recommend that all family members are enrolled and all proof of family membership are uploaded or sent to our Finance Department before August 31st, 2020.  Please read our Student Charter 2020-2021 for more information on what is needed to apply for this discount or contact us at finance@uoc.cw.


Are you having trouble filling out the forms? Do you have questions regarding the enrollment form or the financial settlement form? Please contact us for assistance or to make an appointment at inschrijving@uoc.cw or call 744-2144.

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