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Registration for current students

Registration for current students

Registration for current students

Re-registration for current students

Students must register for each academic year by completing a re-registration form. Students receiving student aid from the Stichting Studiefinanciering Curaçao, Directorate Education Aruba or DUO, must register no later than August 10th 2019. The final date for re-registration for all other students is August 31st 2019. In case of late enrollment (after August 31st 2019), administrative costs of ANG 100,- for each late month will be charged.

  • The total amount of tuition fees, enrollment fees and technology fees for the academic year 2019 - 2010 is ANG. 5045 for the regular Bachelor programs and ANG. 7045 for the regular Master programs.

  • The tuition fees can be paid in full or in installments. For more information about payment arrangements, please contact the Finance department at

Paying in installments

A financial settlement form must be completed, signed and delivered to the Finance department.

With the financial settlement form an order is given to a bank to transfer a monthly amount to the UoC. The financial settlement form must only be filled in if you want to pay in installments. If the tuition fee is paid in one installment, the entire amount can be deposited into one of the UoC bank accounts, stating full name, faculty and student number.

The down payment can also be deposited in one of the UoC bank accounts. Payment at the UoC offices is only possible with a Maestro bank card. Cash, guarantee letters and checks are not accepted.

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