Outgoing Exchange Programs

Outgoing Exchange Programs

Outgoing Exchange Programs

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For outgoing exchange students

The Erasmus+ program offers you the possibility to study at a partner university abroad while being a student of the UoC. With careful guidance from our International Office, we will make sure that your time abroad is well prepared, setting you off to an unforgettable experience.

Currently studying at the UoC and want to do an exchange program?

  • Basic requirements for outgoing exchange students

    Basic requirements for outgoing exchange students

    • You must have passed all courses of year 1 (60 ECTS), all fall courses of year 2 (30 ECTS) and seventy five percent (75%) of spring courses of year 2, measured in academic credit points (22-23 ECTS).
    •  In total, you should have between 112 and 113 academic credit points accumulated by the Go/No-Go cut-off date. Grades must be updated in ProGRESS before the different applicant evaluation dates.
    • Your exchange list of proposed courses must be in line with the end qualifications of your program and be officially approved by the incumbent Major Director in conjunction with the Exam Committee.
    • In addition, all financial obligations with the UoC must be met prior the Go/No-Go date.
    • The exchange will always take place in the fall semester.

Contact the International Office

  • Email: internationaloffice@uoc.cw
    Telephone: (+599-9) 744-2142
    Fax: (+599-9) 868-5092
    Address: Jan Noorduynweg 111, Curaçao

  • Monday - Thursday 08:00 - 17:00 hours
    Friday 08:00 - 16:30 hours

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