Aspiring paths for every scholar

For both undergraduate and graduate students at the University of Curaçao Dr.  Moises da Costa Gomez we believe in education that guides you out of the classroom and into the community where we encourage you to learn by doing and make an impact.

  • Our faculties incorporate practice-based education, using real-life cases, connecting you with the professional settings you aim to be part of after graduating at the UoC.

    Offering numerous programs to choose from and to discover your specialty, we enable you to craft an educational path fitting your interests and goals.

  • We'll help you get out of the classroom and explore what’s outside the university walls. We partner with the Erasmus Exchange program, bringing you to educational institutions all over the world. 

    The programs at the University of Curacao Dr. Moises da Costa Gomez are modeled after the Dutch system of higher education. The UoC offers degrees in sciences and applied sciences in a variety of bachelor’s and master's programs.

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