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Efficiency is doing things right, Effectiveness is doing the right things (Peter Drucker).

Welcome to the school of business at the University of Curacao and thank you for considering us to guide you towards your academic and professional career. The prospective students Web pages will provide an overview of our school and the many degree programs offered here.

The Faculty of Social and Economic Studies (FdSEW) has a long standing commitment to providing undergraduate opportunities for the population of Curacao and of the world. The FdSEW occupies a special place in higher education in Curacao as we have consistently known to deliver high quality throughout our history. Our programs are designed to help you build professional skills in Business and Management.

You will learn solid theory as well as the latest business trends and emerging practices. Our curriculum is updated by a specialized team that collaborates with business leaders from many industries all over the country. Many of our faculty members are practitioners in their field which enables us to bring what’s happening in business today into your classroom so you can put it to use. Our teaching method embeds a blend of theory, case analyses, and business projects.


Every year our faculty accepts about 200 new candidates with great ambitions.  With a very innovative outlook our faculty has been able to shape leaders which have excelled into the business world and beyond. Our talented academic staff is delighted to guide you into success.

Our Bachelor of Applied Science has been updated and redesigned into a competence based program, which enhances our students opportunities on the labor market. Our Bachelors of Science in Business & Economics, and  Accounting & Controlling are in the process to become accredited by the Accreditation organization of the Netherlands and Flanders (NVAO).

Choosing to continue into higher education- and finding a matching institution — is crucial. I encourage you to learn as much as you can about our department and the program that interests you. Visit the campus if possible; meet our students and talk with members of the faculty. If you are unable to visit us in person, be sure to contact a faculty member in your field of study who can discuss the variety of facilities and resources available.

I hope you’ll find that the FdSEW offers the breadth, depth and vision in its programs that you seek, and that you will consider becoming part of this dynamic academic community.

Drs. Renny Maduro


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