Staff Members

UoC Staff

The university has several departments and faculties. Our staff consists of full time and part time professional educators. These seasoned professionals have years of real-world experience and advanced degrees. They provide a quality learning experience that combines academic theory with real-life scenarios. The following list of names are the professionals taking the lead in our university:

Rector Magnificus: Dr. Francis de Lanoy
General Manager: Donald van Putten MBA, CISA, CFE

The Faculty Deans:

  • Faculty of Arts - Dr. Elisabeth Echteld
  • Faculty of Social and Behavioral Sciences - Mrs. Moira de Castro-Martina MSc
  • School of Law - Dr. Flora Goudappel
  • Faculty of Social Sciences and Economics - Mrs. Marvis Koeiman MBA (Acting Dean)
  • Faculty of Engineering - Ir. Ergün Erkoçu

The Department Heads:

  • Student Affairs - Mrs. Elica Ras-Fullinck, Bac
  • Library & Research Services - Irwin Korstjens LL.M.
  • ICT Services - Mr. Farouk El Hage
  • Center for Digital Learning - Ir. Leendert Pengel
  • Facility Services - Ing. Ramses Leito
  • Finance - Mrs. Candida Felicia-Manuela
  • Human Resource Department - Mrs. Daynara Fullinck, BBA
  • Campus - Michel Nicolaas, BPM
  • Department of Quality Assurance - Dr. Sharine Isabella

For more information about our Faculties and Departments please consult Academic Programs or Services on the main menu.