In September 2016, the University of Curaçao Dr. Moises da Costa Gomez introduced the first conservatory in Curaçao: UoC College of Music, offering two bachelor-level music programs comparable to conservatorium studies abroad. The mission of College of Music is to provide opportunity to all musicians, especially local musicians, who want to develop their musical skills and work as a professional musician or music teacher, both locally and abroad. College of Music offers 3 programs, namely:

  • Preparatory Music Program
  • Bachelor in Music
  • Bachelor in Music Education

Our instructors are professional conservatorium graduates, who are well-known in the local and international music industry. During these programs, you will be trained to become a professional musician or music teacher with knowledge of all music styles that are relevant in this region, such as Jazz, Fusion, Afro-Cuban and Latin Jazz, Antillean music, Caribbean music, and in addition also contemporary music.

Preparatory Music Program

The UoC College of Music offers prospective students the means of preparing themselves for entry to the bachelor music programs through the Preparatory Course. In this program, the focus will be on general music theory, skills improvement on main instrument, performance, and more (where needed).

The program is intended for students that show great talent but don’t have the required level for admission to the bachelor programs yet. Based on the audition results they will be advised to enroll in the preparatory music program, in order to develop the necessary skills to be admitted to the bachelor programs in the next year.

The program is also intended for prospective students that are in their last year(s) of secondary school, and that want to start preparing for the auditions for the bachelor music programs.  Note that by following the Preparatory Music Program You will not be automatically admitted to the Bachelor programs. The end-assessment for the Preparatory Music Program is an audition, in which your musical skills will be evaluated (same as the previous audition). During your audition a panel consisting of teachers from the UoC College of Music will judge your skills to see whether you are qualified for the bachelor programs or not. The Preparatory Music Program is a part-time program. You will get approximately 4.5 to 5.5 hours of lessons per week. These lessons will take place during the evening hours.


Bachelor Programs
UoC’s College of Music offers two college level music programs: Bachelor in Music and Bachelor in Music Education. These programs are lectured on a high professional level alike all other programs at the University of Curacao.

Duration: 4 Years (240 EC)

Degree: Bachelor in Music (BMus)

Degree: Bachelor in Music Education (BMu Ed)


Bachelor in Music
The Bachelor in Music Program educates one to become an ambitious musician and instrumental music teacher. You will develop a high level of musical and instrumental skills that you can use to contribute to the musical industry in many ways as a composer/arranger, session musician, soloist performer, and educator. In addition, you will also be trained to monitor your own initiatives and/or ideas, and contribute to societal demands for music.

Bachelor in Music Education

The Bachelor in Music Education program educates you to become a certified music teacher at both elementary and secondary schools. You will also be able to teach music at community centers, or become a conductor for choirs. You will achieve basic skills on different instruments, and you will also develop pedagogical and didactical skills required for music teachers, and learn to have a critical and analytical view leading to the best quality of music education for your future students.

By finishing the Bachelor in Music Education program, you will achieve a grade-one teaching qualification.


Admission Requirements

To be admitted to the bachelor programs & preparatory program, a matriculation exam is required. The matriculation exam of the College of Music programs is in the form of an audition, in which you will be tested on your music theory knowledge and your abilities on your main instrument.

*The theory part of the audition includes the recognition of intervals and basic triads (major, minor, diminished, and augmented), Clapping of rhythms, sight singing a simple melody and doing a melodic and rhythmic dictation

*During the practical part of the audition, you will have to perform some pieces which you have prepared, accompanied by a small ensemble or a single accompanist playing piano or guitar. The audition panel will focus on your musical talent and instrumental skills. You should consider this part of your audition to be a mini-concert. (Please bring a program containing the titles of the songs, as well as the music sheets of the songs you will play for the panel.)

If you are still in secondary education (SBO year 4, HAVO year 4, 5 or VWO year 5, 6) and want to pursue a musical career after you obtain your diploma, you can register for the Preparatory Music Program in order to be well prepared for the matriculation exam for the bachelor programs.

Note that the audition for the Preparatory Program is slightly different than the audition for the bachelor programs. In the audition for preparatory program, the panel will evaluate your musical talent (on your instrument) and your feeling for music, and will focus less on your knowledge of music theory.

Please refer to our audition flyer for more information on the auditions.


Tuition fees and financing

The costs for the preparatory music program are Naf. 3.000,- and for the Bachelor Programs are Naf. 8.000,

The Preparatory program can be paid fully or in a 10-month period (note that paying in 10 month, the tuition fee will be higher). For more information, please contact the finance department.

The UoC has an agreement with Postspaarbank (PSB) especially for the students that can’t get finances for their studies. Postspaarbank offers a loan with low interest rates to facilitate these students. For more information, please contact Postspaarbank.

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