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.CW Registry Curacao
The .CW Registry Curacao ("CW_DomReg") is an entity of the University of Curacao ("UoC") and is managed by the manager of the ICT Services of the UoC ("ICTS"), mr. ir. Leendert J.J. Pengel. The function of the CW_DomReg is to guard the entry of the second-level Domain Names for Curacao and also to enforce the policies associated with the registration of Domain Names. This applies to all Domain Names ending with .CW. The process of assigning Domain Name requests are handled in the sequence of First In First Out. Most certainly the restrictions that apply to the assigning of a domain name that is associated with a land code are much higher than those for the popular ".COM" or ".NET" extentions.

The regulation stipulates that the organization or entity requesting a domain name present an official proving their official presence in Curacao. For instance this could be a registration at the local Chamber of Commerce ("Kamer van Koophandel"). For entities or organizations not registered on the island or who are not registered at the Chamber of Commerce, third level domain names are made available. These are in the form of (e.g. .COM.CW or name.NET.CW).

Note: for Saint Marten the .SX will be available soon for registration (, and for the islands Bonaire, Saint Eustatius and Saba .BQ .

Existing .AN need to move to the .CW Zone as soon as possible, but will still be operational for a while. According to the ICANN resolution the .AN will definitely be removed from the DNS root server on October 31st, 2014, however we will begin the process removing inactive .AN domain names from our database/systems on December 31st, 2013.

Current .AN Domain name holders will have the first choice for the same domain name in the .CW ccTLD zone. You have the opportunity to do so until August 31st, 2012.


Registration Form* 

* Please download an Indemnification form have it completed and signed by the Director/CEO of the company and upload it when requested during the completion of the Registration form.

Download Indemnification Form

If you do not have the possibility to scan and attach files in the online registration form, please feel free to download the registration & indemnification form from the link below. 

Download Registration Form

Please e-mail the Technical Information session in the Registration Form. Please also Fax the signed Indemnification form, proof of payment and the other official documents to fax number: (+599-9) 744-2255