Techno MBA

Engineers design solutions to improve quality, reduce risks, and increase productivity. They work on real-world problems, combine disciplines, and develop project-management expertise and communication skills. If you want to master the skill to occupy a leading position in a technology based organization, then the Techno MBA program fits your profile.


Techno MBA: An UoC-UT initiative

The University of Twente (UT) has a strong tradition in research and education in Industrial Engineering. The University of Curaçao (UoC) has the ambition to extend its bachelor programs in Engineering and offer the community also a master program in Engineering that can meet international standards. UT and UoC have combined forces to develop the Techno Master in Business Administration (Techno-MBA) Program.


Purpose and outcomes

This program is intended for professionals with a technical background and or experience on master or bachelor level, who want to extend their knowledge on business and managerial issues. It is also intended for non-technical bachelor or master professionals who want to prepare themselves for leading positions in a technology or knowledge intensive enterprise, both locally and internationally.

The program provides the students with final qualifications to be able to tackle complex multi-disciplinary problems in their future functions as strategic leaders of private or public organizations. Techno-MBA graduates have a broad overview of the strategic and operational processes that take place in knowledge and technology driven organizations. This background gives them the opportunity to analyze organizations and develop solutions to increase effectiveness and efficiency.

Upon completion of the Techno MBA program, graduates will:

  1. have knowledge and understanding of business and management
  2. have multidisciplinary knowledge and understanding of technology
  3. be able to solve complex business problems in the workplace
  4. be able to lead at strategic level
  5. have good communication and interpersonal skills
  6. be able to act in a socially responsible manner
  7. have a professional attitude


The duration of the Techno MBA program is two years with a total work load of 90 European Credits (EC). The program has a modular character with intensive weeks. The program consists of 3 components of 30 EC each: Technology, Research and Business (management & leadership).

Technology is the initial basis of the program, because the program is intended for professionals in a technology driven organization. This component (30 EC) consists of 5 modules of 6 EC each. In the last Technology module (Technology Entrepreneurship), the student will assimilate knowledge, understanding and abilities acquired in the Technology and the Business component through a business plan.

Parallel to the Technology component the program has 30 EC dedicated to Business (management & leadership). This component also consists of 5 courses of 6 EC each, as shown on the figure below. Leadership skills will be assessed in the last business module Strategic Management through management games.

To close the gap between technology and business, abilities in the area of research is important. In the module Research Methods (6 EC) the student will acquire this knowledge and understanding which must be applied in all the other modules in the program. In the Master Thesis (24 EC) on an academic research project, the student will assimilate the knowledge of all three components.

The figure below shows an overview of the module per component of the program.




Students with a bachelor degree can apply to be admitted to follow the Techno-MBA. Based on their background and type of degree a tailored premaster program if necessary can be defined and offered. After having successfully passed all the premaster exams, students can start with the Techno MBA program.

Admission requirements:

-      relevant bachelor diploma

-      intake interview (please call for an appointment)

-      Toefl test score of minimal 90.

-      Minimal two years of working experience in relevant function

-      Intake form (to be requested at the office)



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