Industrial Technology

Multiple courses are available to make maximum use of the available knowledge:
• For design and construction – Construction Technology
• For driving and propelling – Energy Technology
• For regulating and adjusting – Instrument Engineering
• For manufacturing and processing – Production Technology
• For correctly using materials – Material Science
• For technical (operational) management of companies – Technological Economics

To be able to successfully practice one of the above professions one not only requires knowledge of the field in question but a good foundation in the general basic subjects, mathematics, science, and mechanics, is also essential. Information and communication technology also plays an important role. These subjects are mainly lectured in the first year. In the second year and above field specific subjects are lectured. Technical subjects like Energy Technology, Material Science, Production Technology, Construction Technology, and Economics are then addressed.

Practical in the various courses support the theoretical classes. The labs are equipped with equipment to do so, like:
• Diesel motor, cooling section, heating section, pump installation and a small wind tunnel.
• Destructive and non-destructive material testing machines
• Computer Aided Design (CAD) equipment
• Computer Numerical Controlled (CNC) lathe and simulations
• Electronic measure and control systems
• Pneumatic and electronic control systems
• Departmental personal computers for supporting practicals and thesis work
• Computers for simulating management games.

The last course year is spent completely off campus and consists of a work placement and graduation phase of 100 working days each. During the graduation phase you will apply your acquired knowledge and make the connections between the various theoretical disciplines.

The degree program of Industrial Technology has two majors, which are closely connected and many courses will be followed by students from both majors:
• Mechanical Engineering major
• Engineering Management major