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Faculty of Engineering

The Faculty of Engineering offers five bachelor of science programs. Some of these programs have more than one major.

All the programs at the Faculty of Engineering have been broadly structured and during the course an effort is made to enhance the students’ social and intellectual skills. There are good contacts with the business community enabling the department to closely follow the technical developments in its field. The programs are also compared to those in foreign institutes on a regular basis. Based on information from the business community and foreign institutes it’s possible to regularly revise the programs and ensure that it maintains its high academic level. The graduating engineer is therefore well prepared to participate in highly qualified work and to play an important role in industry, the business community and in government.

The Faculty of Engineering has three main departments, which are responsible for the five bachelor programs. These programs are comparable to those of the so-called technical or vocational colleges (technical universities) in the Netherlands. However, the teaching style is university oriented. A graduate from a bachelor program receives the academic title of Bachelor of Science. Possibilities for further study are, for example, a Master of Science course at the University of the Netherlands Antilles or in the United States or in the Netherlands at one of the technical universities.

The Faculty of Engineering has three main departments. The dean of the Faculty of Engineering is responsible for the general management of the faculty and he is assisted in this by the acting dean.