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MSc in Accountancy

Master of Science in Accountancy


The rapid change in the global financial markets has forced institutions offering higher education to its constituents to revamp their educational programs in order to stay abreast with the ever-changing legal, economic/financial and social environment. The international markets require that today’s professional be highly competent in exercising his duties while maintaining a broad perspective of the ever-changing environment. In other words, they must have an intellect that has a sharp focus and the same time broad awareness. To comply with this new type of professionals, namely in the field of accountancy, the Department of Science and Economics of the University of Curacao moved swiftly to meet this new trend and started a few years back with a new curriculum with two majors in the field of accounting, namely, auditing and controlling. These two new bachelors of Science programs received wide acceptance to the extent that the same offer a smooth transition to Masters in Business Administration, Masters in Accountancy & Controlling offered by many universities in The Netherlands, the USA and the Caribbean region.

Msc-01 It is now a stated fact that the University of Curacao (UoC) offers two fully developed internationally tuned Bachelors of Science degrees in Accounting and Controlling. Both the accounting and controlling programs are offered during a three year track with the possibility of a first prep-year for students with a 5th year high school diploma. The prep-courses are offered in the fields of, mathematics, economics, information technology, management skills, and accounting.

The UoC full-time staff feels proud that both tracks are considered by visiting scholars as being highly competitive based on the intensity -10 courses each semester- and the blend of the theoretical framework offered primarily by the full-time staff and the practical aspects brought into the classrooms by the part-time lecturers during the tutorial sessions in which students receive intensive training in problem solving techniques and case-studies. The tutorial sessions are carried out by part-time lecturers who are specialized in the field they are teaching.

The UoC wishes to offer educational programs that are accredited by the most respected accreditation bodies. The NVAO (Nederlands-Vlaams Accreditatie Organisatie) has reviewed aforementioned- bachelor programs as well as the new Master of Science in Accountancy started in September 2011. The UoC wishes to maintain the association with the Dutch professional organizations and has therefore revamped its programs within the following context:

1. To maintain an international approach and an easy transition from the bachelor to higher fields of education locally and abroad.
2. To maintain the accountancy & controlling as scientific programs, meaning the professional application of science in the business environment.
3. To develop and structure the programs based on the reality of the Netherlands Antilles; and
4. To develop competent professionals of the highest integrity in the field of accountancy with due observance of the ethical standards of Accountancy, Control and Good Governance.

Educational perspective
In order to enroll in the Master of Science program in accountancy, the student must have a bachelor’s degree in Business Economics, Business Administration, Accounting or Controlling. Furthermore, a student with a major in controlling -or perhaps business administration- but who have passed the deficiency courses being, auditing and intermediate external reporting (EV), may also enroll in the program.

The MSc in Accountancy
This new Msc program is fully synchronized with the Bachelor of Science in Accounting & Controlling offered at UoC. This program, once again, should be seen as a blend of the program being offered in the USA and The Netherlands. for more information please email: Mr. Ravello Sairras >This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.  or call 744-2178.

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