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BSc. Business & Economics

With a large services sector Curacao is in constant need with specialist capable of dealing with commerce, trade, management, and international finance services. Business problems often can be solved by conducting research. The BSc B&E program offers students the necessary tools to perform scientific research allowing understanding of the problem and both logical and creative solutions to it. The research line is constructed on a solid base of statistics, calculus, research methodology, and is topped off with an advanced course in data analysis. On the commercial side we instruct and lecture our students with update literature and scientific publications, allowing our students an edge in the business world. The program consolidates between the fields of Business and Economics offering courses like Management & International Business, Micro Economics, Macro Economics, Money & Banking, Entrepreneurship & Innovation, and Economics of Strategy. Several of these courses involve projects in which students will discuss, apply, and modify theories, such as business plans, case studies, and essays.

The service industry is globally growing, as many developed nations economy evolve, indicating also an international need for the characteristics students build in this program. As the flagship program of the SEF, throughout its 30 years of existence, this program has consistently delivered qualified academics which have employed various key positions in Curacao and teh WORLD. Major Banks, Trusts, Consulting Companies, Trading companies and alike, would agree that our alumni are more than qualified candidates for positions in the commercial sector.

The rigor of this program prepares students in terms of research, data analysis, managerial problems, international awareness in such a way that alumni outperform their colleagues from other institutions in graduate programs. Our alumni have been admitted to prestigious graduate programs at top universities, proving that studying in Curacao is a moderator for success. 
After completing this program students can join programs in a wide array of specializations including (International) Finance, Management, Economics, Banking, Tax Management, etc.

We present ourselves as a serious scientific program and look forward to welcoming you in our lecture halls!


Candidates with a College Preparatory (VWO) Diploma, or international equivalent, are admitted to the program without any precondition. All high school specializations (profielen) are accepted, though the faculty strongly recommends students to have a background in mathematics. Alternatively candidates should hold a “propadeuse” of an Applied Science program, in a related field, from a University of Applied Sciences in the Kingdom of the Netherlands.

Non compliant candidates above the age of 23 are subjected to an entrance exam, the colloquium doctum.

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