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Since 1983 an academic program in Business Administration (BA) is offered by the FdSEW. In 2002 different Majors have been introduced in this program. During the past years it became clear that BA-graduates are also needed at a more professional level. To meet this local need, in 2007 the FdSEW started the BA-program at a professional bachelor level (HBO). During the last year the curriculum of this BA-program has been profoundly revised to the new BA-program that has been implemented in September 2011. Many years of experiences and the results of the different evaluations of the existing BA-program have led to this completely new curriculum. The curriculum has been developed together with stakeholders in the field, international lecturers, and most importantly local lecturers. The new BA-program prepares students to perform professional tasks and take responsibilities in starter’s positions at a Professional bachelor level (HBO). Students can major in Business Information Systems, International Business & Management Studies, Financial Management, Human Resources & Communication Studies, or Marketing Management.

The FdSEW hosts also the bachelor program in Fiscal Law and Economics which prepares students to work in the well established fiscal environment of Curacao. This program has been accreditted by the NVAO in 2009 after consulting with stakeholders in the industry, local and international staff.

In addition to this program the FdSEW also has the scientific (WO) programs in Accountancy & Controlling and Business & Economics. The Accountancy & Controlling program consolidates between auditing and controlling, allowing graduates to continue on with a master degree in either subdiscipline. The program is one of the few bachelor programs in the Kingdom of the Netherlands directed at the profession of accounting. Most graduates of this program are employed within months, if not days, after their graduation. Graduates can opt to continue with their master in Accountancy offered also at the FdSEW in close cooperation with the Faculty of Economics and Business of the Rijksuniversiteit Groningen.

Finally the Business & Economics program offers also a consolidation between the fields of Economics and Business. This program has been revised to include more economic oriented curriculum, therefore responding to the market demand for economists. Students get instructed by local and international lecturers and are trained as researchers. Graduates from this program usually complete their masters degree within 1 or two years at universities around the world. This program is also built to prepare students to enter American Universities with the intention to enroll into the Research programs, ultimately leading to a PhD.

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