Mission & Vision

To define the goals we want to achieve and how we plan to achieve them, we've defined the following vision:

Up to the next level!

The Department of Quality Assurance represents high quality thinking and actions according to international developments in higher education. This is done by guiding, stimulating, guarding and improving this quality thinking and acting in the entire university. DQA has a pivotal and connecting role in achieving this and delivers an essential contribution to continuously raising the quality of the products and services that the university provides, while always taking the internal and (inter)national context in consideration.

Focus on getting better, rather than being good!

Our mission is to operate from a transparent, incorruptible, effective and efficient approach. Hence we give a contribution to continuous quality monitoring and improvement of the products and services that the university offers. DQA stimulates a quality culture where those involved can receive support and be facilitated in their needs from an integrated quality mentality that strives for reaching the next level.