Spaghetti Challenge Project Structure

Spaghetti Challenge Project Structure

Spaghetti Challenge Project Structure

Architecture students of the Faculty of Engineering of the University of Curaçao Dr. Moises da Costa Gomez (UoC) have been busy this semester with the course "Project Structure".

This "DIY" course is intended to gain more insight into how the theory of subjects such as "Project Structures", "Construction Methodology" and "Mechanics" is applied in practice.


The assignment is to make a bridge design together with a fellow student, to constructively optimize it in a computer program and to implement the designed bridge in spaghetti, so that the bridge can be tested for strength.


The prize for the strongest bridge was awarded to the student duo Mariana Paredes Martinez and Natasha Leito with a ratio of 28.2 (ratio weight of bridge and weight that the bridge could support). The bridge weighed 237.6 grams and could bear a weight of 6.7 kg. However, this did not break the record of last year. The ratio of the bridge that was strongest then was 35.21. This bridge weighed 368.3 grams and could carry a weight of 12.9 kilograms.


A public prize has also been awarded to student Vladimir Pereira with the most beautiful bridge. And finally, a teacher prize was awarded to student duo Kevin Sint Jago and Shady-Anne Bonofacio with the most interesting and original constructive bridge. The prizes consist of two tickets for the cinema, sponsored by real estate developer Heren 2 Caribbean.

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