'Debate, a tool for development'

'Debate, a tool for development'

'Debate, a tool for development'

The University of Curaçao Dr. Moises da Costa Gomez (UoC) is celebrating its 40th anniversary this year. As part of this celebration and in collaboration with Debate Education Foundation Curaçao, the UoC will host a debate conference entitled:

‘Debate, a tool for development'

focused on improving the debate knowledge and skills of our community.  

As part of this conference you are invited to a lecture followed by a panel discussion entitled: ‘Debate, a tool for development: the added value of debate for individuals and our society

Panelist: Mr. Roderik van Grieken,
                Mr. Kenneth Newby,
                Ms. Nathania Engelhardt and
                Rector Magnificus Dr. Francis de Lanoy

Date                 : 4 June 2019
Time                : 17.00 - 21.00 hours
Location         : Auditorium UoC
Entrance         : free
Language       : English/Papiamentu
RSVP                : www.uoc.cw/debatelecture

About the speakers
Mr. Roderik van Grieken is founder of the Debate Institute in the Netherlands and is considered an authority when it comes to debating. He regularly analyzes political debates on radio and television of the Dutch and European politicians. Mr. Van Grieken is the architect behind the “RTL4 Carrédebatten” which is an award winning debate program broadcasted ahead of the parliament elections in the Netherlands.

Mr. Kenneth Newby is managing attorney of Newby Law Group, Senior Assistant Professor in Morehouse’s English Department and director of the award-winning Morehouse College Speech and Debate program. Professor Newby has also consulted numerous political campaigns for those seeking elected office including U.S. Senate, House of Representatives, County Commissioner, Mayor and state legislative positions.

Ms. Nathania Engelhardt is a lecturer, debate coach and founder of Debate Education Foundation Curaçao. Ms. Engelhardt has been debating competitively for 6 years and has won, amongst many, the title ‘Best Judge’ at the world university debating championships in Spain. She is currently coach of the national high school team and the UoC Debate Club.

For more information you can contact: n.engelhardt@uoc.cw, l.maduro@uoc.cw, (+5999) 563-7000 or (+5999) 528-5676.


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