Student Related Finance

The Financial Student Services Office provides information about the financial aspects of a student’s enrollment at The University of Curacao.

The student accounts team in The Financial Student Services Office stands ready to assist students and their families in understanding and paying the student’s bill. This not only includes responding to questions that students raise when they come to the office in person but also posting charges and updates to students' accounts, distributing aid to those accounts, setting up payment plans and taking payments, all of which are discussed in more detail.

Find information about how students can:

  • Authorize other people to make payments on their student account,
  • Add funds to their Repro Card, and
  • Access some helpful, year-end tax information.


 Ensure the student’s name and student number appear on the wire instructions. 


 Tuition Fees per year 

  • Bachelor             Ang.     5.045.-
  • Master               Ang.     7.045,-


Paying in Person

 The Financial Student Services Office is open from 8:00 am to 3:30 pm Mondays - Fridays.

 Photo ID is required when paying in person and the following methods of payment are accepted:

  •  Debit Card


Wire Transfer

Please transfer payments to:

 Beneficiary:                        University of Curacao

                                         Jan Noorduynweg 111


 Beneficiary Bank:             MCB Bank Curacao 88134108

Ensure the 
student’s name and student number appear on the wire instructions.


Late Payments

Students are responsible for ensuring that all awarded financial aid is applied to their student accounts by the first class day of each term. This includes endorsing co-payable grant and/or scholarship checks and completing all required documents including the annual conditions of award, loan entrance interviews and promissory notes.


Late Fees

Late fees as a final demand will be assessed on any unpaid balance remaining after the student account balance due date for a total of Ang  500,- in possible late fees per year.  A financial hold may also be placed on a student's  student record that will block registration for future months until the balance for the current month is paid. 

 Exceptions to this policy will be made only if:

  • Payment arrangements for the current term's charges were made with Student Financial Services by the due date (if the terms and conditions of the plan are not met,  all applicable late fees will be applied retroactively), or
  • The late fee and/or hold is the result of an institutional error and/or delays in the application of financial aid funds to the student's account.

  Students who have a balance due to the university may also be unable to receive their transcripts or diplomas.


Past Due Accounts

Failure to pay all tuition and other fees in full for any month or session will result in a restriction being placed on the student's record. The student will be blocked from registering for future semester, from receiving a transcript or diploma, and from the use of university facilities such as the Library or Repro and IT Center. Delinquent accounts may be referred to a commercial collection agency. All costs, expenses and fees (including, but not limited to, attorney fees, court costs, and other out-of-pocket expenses) incurred by the University in collecting or attempting to collect a past-due account are the student's responsibility and will be charged to the student's account.


For these reasons, it's important that you immediately contact the Finance Department to resolve any past due account issues.