Finance & Repro

The Finance Department performs two roles within the University of Curacao. On the one hand this is a managerial role in the proper conduct of the financial administration and the other a policy / advisory role for the benefit of all sections within the UoC.

Finance has the following key activities:

  • Administrative Services
  • Business Information Management
  • Controlling and financial advice
  • Accounts Payable
  • Accounts Receivable Management
  • Budget Control 
  • Personnel and Payroll


Our Mission will be successful if we achieve the following Goals:

  • Ensure that Finance staff are well trained and motivated, that they are provided with opportunities to fulfill their potential and that a culture of continuous improvement and mutual support is created.
  • Ensure the University's financial affairs are conducted in accordance with relevant Government policies and all relevant statutory and legal requirements.


These Goals are supported by the following specific aims:


  • Develop and maintain effective systems for financial control. 
  • Develop and maintain effective systems for financial reporting, both internally and externally. 
  • Provide advice on the financial implications of academic and administration decisions. 
  • Develop and maintain effective mechanisms for the preparation of annual budgets and estimates and for the production of reliable financial forecasts. 
  • Develop and maintain appropriate financial policies and procedures to manage the University's working capital effectively. 
  • Be a learning organization through interaction with others to raise the professional skills base.