Improve your searching skills

Searching and finding high quality information is a skill that needs constant updating. With so much information available online, how do you gain access to the resources you need? How do you do this efficiently and effectively? How do you know you can trust the source? How do you gain access to full text materials?

UoC Library & Research Services provides a wide array of services aimed at improving the quality of your search skills. Information Literacy Skills modules are incorporated withing the curriculum of all UoC programmes. In addition to this, we offer workshops for a general public. Contact us for more information.

Want to start right away?
1. Read this short article (in Dutch) published in Coaching Magazine: Online kennis vergaren: de beste tips voor de beste bron.
2. Check out this list of interesting links (in Dutch) provided bij the Erasmus University Library.

3. Check out the EBSCO Tutorials (various formats including YouTube clips, in English)
4. Get your own copy of: 
Eerste Hulp Bij e-Onderzoek Praktijkgids voor slimmer zoeken op internet. Een gezamenlijke uitgave van de universiteitsbibliotheken van Leiden en Amsterdam en de Koninklijke Bibliotheek.