Mavis Brooks-Salmon  |  1950

Mavis Brooks-Salmon | 1950

Vice President of the Advisory Board of Saint Martin

“We need more local lawyers, judges and modern leaders who understand our laws and develop new laws that are good for our country. The UoC, with its strong law faculty, is an excellent  institute to encourage and stimulate this kind of development.”

Brooks obtained her Master's degree at the UNA in 2002 and her PhD's title at Erasmus University Rotterdam in 2009, where she studied International European Law. Curaçao and Sint Maarten are young countries.

Eugene Maduro  | 1972

Eugene Maduro | 1972

Teacher Papiamentu, entrepreneur and TV-host

“At the UoC I learned how to debate, organize, document and research at a certain level. I’m sure that I’ve become a better TV presenter because I support my presentations with facts. In addition to teaching and presenting programs, I also re-use discarded wood for my furniture company. With Living Green Exotic Furniture I convert this wood into sustainable furniture available on Aruba, Bonaire and Curaçao.”

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