Professional Master of Education in Spanish

Professional Master of Education in Spanish

Professional Master of Education in Spanish

Education in Spanish

  • Duration:
    4 years

  • Class hours:
    Evening sessions
    1:00 PM – 9:00 PM

  • Language of Instruction:
    English, Dutch, Papiamentu, Spanish

  • Type:
    Bachelor of Education

  • Program Coordinator:
    Drs. A. D. Fernandes

  • Faculty:​​​​​​​
    Faculty of Arts

Tuition Fees:

  • ANG 5,000 per year (statutory fee)
    ANG 45 per year (technology fee)

  • ANG 1,000 per year (books, syllabi, etc.)
    ANG 500 exam tuition (year 4)

Studying English at the UoC

Studying English at the UoC

Historically rich and culturally diverse, the island of Curaçao is a multi-lingual island. The local community of Curaçao needs skilled educational professionals. Teachers who understand the value of language and its fundamental role in growth and the learning of any new skill. Entering the second-degree language program at the UoC, embedded in this culturally rich and multilingual society is an opportunity to become part of the growth of future generations. English is a world language, a fundamental tool to communicate globally. A secondary education teacher needs to be able to stand his or her ground. We teach you to be flexible and improvise when needed. Your students relate to you and you are a skillful communicator. You will learn how to use knowledge, skills and attitudes in an integrated manner in complex professional situations.

You will become a teacher with a second degree in English language teaching. With this degree you are allowed to teach on the following levels: SBO, VSBO and the first three grades on HAVO and VWO level. After accomplishing your second degree you can follow the professional Master for a first-degree diploma in order for you to teach at the higher levels of the HAVO, VWO and college level. The University of Curacao offers this professional Master in Education.

For the full study program, click here to download full program.

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Advantages of a Bachelor’s Degree in English

Advantages of a Bachelor’s Degree in English

- NVAO accredited education.
- End level C1 of the Common European Framework
  of Reference for Languages (CEFR). 
- Proficiency level of Cambridge Exams.
- Skillful and engaged teachers.
- Practical balance between theory and practice.
- Excel in your own language skills in order to help students
  to increase their own.
- Options to study on the island or abroad.
- Access to International exchange programs.
- Inspiring atmosphere.
- Blended Learning.
- Collaborative contact with other Caribbean Islands.

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