Bachelor in Industrial Technology

Bachelor in Industrial Technology

Bachelor in Industrial Technology

Industrial Technology

  • Duration:
    4 years

  • Lecture hours:
    May varry
    Daily sessions
    8:00 AM – 5:00 PM

  • Language of instruction:
    English, Dutch

  • Type:
    Bachelor in Engineering

  • Program Coordinator:
    Arthur Eliza Msc.

  • Faculty:
    Faculty of Engineering

Tuition fees:

  • ANG 5,100 per year (tuition fee)

  • ANG 1,000 per year (books, software, licenses)
    ANG 500 exam tuition (year 4)

Studying Industrial Technology at the UoC

Studying Industrial Technology at the UoC

Will you be part of the next generation of savvy technicians?
The Industrial Technology program introduces you to the workings of technical mechanisms. You’ll learn the principces of how to design, build and do maintenance of a variety of vehicles like aircrafts and vessels. Knowlegde about processes and tools is included and all is done from a perspective of efficiency, safety and sustainability. Technicians with smart and creative ideas face a fair amount of challenges in this area of expertise.

Have you given thought to the rapid development of electric cars and the question of whether these perform better than regular cars driven by fossil fuels?

And consider this: sustainable energy generated from the ocean, sun and wind can become your area of expertise. Think about the development of smart robots or the creation of new techniques to purify seawater for drinking purposes. Organizations are in need of smart technicians; innovative thinkers who have what it takes. Do you?

Academics - Bachelor in Industrial Technology

Our ties with local companies are strong. Which is one of the reasons why this department can keep up with developments in the field. Our programs is constantly benchmarked, by comparing program contents to oher Engineering institutes, making sure that we are offering you a solid Industrial Technology program. Industrial Technology is divided in two main parts: Mechanical Egnineering and Technology Management.

Academics - Bachelor in Industrial Technology

Mechanical Engineering
Mechanical engineering focuses on the technology. You’ll learn about energy technology, methodical design, control engineering, production engineering and materials science. In addition to the purely technical courses, you’ll be diving into subjects like technopreneurship, global citizenship and sustainability. With a balanced set of theoretical and practical courses, after graduating here you’ll be able to join the technical workforce as a skilled professional ready for growth.

Academics - Bachelor in Industrial Technology

Technology Management
Technology management focuses on optimization of organizational processes. In addition to the technical basics, this program contains a large amount of management and organizational courses such as marketing, cost management and project management. Real life cases are included in courses.

After receiving a Bachelor of Engineering in Industrial Technology you’ll be ready to start your career in technology or continue on to do a master’s program.

Advantages of a Bachelor’s Degree in Industrial Technology

Advantages of a Bachelor’s Degree in Industrial Technology

  • Accredited by the NVAO
  • Possibility to do internships abroad
  • Collaborations with international institutes allowing travel & international project collaborations
  • Learn by doing

Admission requirements

  • Havo or vwo diploma with the profile “Natuur & Techniek” with a sufficient score for math B or 
  • sbo level 4 diploma with an additional “HBO-Doorstroom” certificate with all 4 components (oplossen, herleiden, differentiëren en integreren) accomplished or
  • one of the above mentioned diplomas without the required profile or certificate, but with a sufficient score for the Math Summer course exam organized by the Faculty of Engineering. 


*Positively assessed by the NVAO. 


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