Bachelor in Human Resource Management

Bachelor in Human Resource Management

Bachelor in Human Resource Management

Human Resource Management

  • Duration:
    4 years

  • Lecture hours:
    Daily sessions
    8:00 AM – 9:00 PM

  • Language of instruction:

  • Type:
    Bachelor of Applied Science

  • Program Coordinator:
    Liza Chong M.A.

  • Faculty:
    Faculty of Social Sciences and Economics

Tuition fees:

  • ANG 5,100 per year (tuition fee)

  • ANG 1,000 per year (books, syllabi, etc.)
    ANG 500 exam tuition (year 4)
    ANG 5,000 (mandatory study trip in year 3. Approximate)

Studying Human Resource Management at the UoC

Studying Human Resource Management at the UoC

People are the most important assets of any thrinving organization. For this reason Human Resource Management is not only desired, but also required in creating a sound business strategy. In the 21 st century, Human Resource Management is
central in effective management for all types of organization, be it small, medium or larger organizations.

HR managers are tasked with providing clear direction and guidance for those working in an organisation, and are responsible for helping to generate a positive and encouraging working environment.

Core HRM functions include the hiring and development of employees - through training, incentives and benefits, and performance evaluation - administrative services, mediating in disputes and communicating with staff at all levels.

Academics - Bachelor in Human Resource Management

The study in Bachelor of Human Resource Management at the University or Curacao is the only one of its kind in Curaçao, and is accredited by the NVAO as well as certified aligned to the curriculum guideline of the Society for Human Resource Management, which is an international society, having its base in the USA.

This means the Curaçao program adheres to both European and American requirements for HRM. It also prepares the student with strong bases to function locally, regionally and internationally. Even more, alumni with a bachelor’s degree of the university of curacao are allowed to participate in the SHRM Certification Programs (SHRM certified Professional – CP) which are usually reserved for professionals already functioning in the field for a minimum of two years. 

The UoC provides students with the opportunity to apply the learned concepts and skills in a series of reflective project, starting from the first year and continuing up until the fourth year.

Advantages of a Bachelor’s Degree in Human Resource Management

Advantages of a Bachelor’s Degree in Human Resource Management

Students who choose for a career in HR are good with people; They tend to have an eye for details but are also a keen understanding of the bigger picture. Alumni of the UoC are able to work in both public and private sector companies. They can also function as independent consultants after graduation. Some of the more fundamental tasks of the Human resources manager are to develop a company’s culture, maintains benefits and payroll, and recruits new hires. An HR career can
offer many exciting career choices, ranging from recruiting, to training and development, to labor relations and benefits administration.

  • NVAO accredited education
  • Skillful and engaged teachers
  • Practical balance between theory and practice
  • Options to study on the island or abroad
  • Access to International exchange programs
  • Inspiring atmosphere

Admission requirements

  • Havo, vwo, sbo level 4 diploma or a colloquium doctum


*Positively assessed by the NVAO. 


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