Bachelor in Finance & Control

Bachelor in Finance & Control

Bachelor in Finance & Control

Finance & Control

  • Duration:
    4 years

  • Lecture hours:
    daily sessions are between
    8:00 AM – 9:00 PM

  • Language of instruction:

  • Type:
    Bachelor of Applied Science

  • Faculty:
    Faculty of Social Sciences and Economics

Tuition fees:

  • ANG 5,100 per year (tuition fee)

  • ANG 1,000 per year (books, syllabi, etc.)
    ANG 500 exam tuition (year 4)
    ANG 5,000 (mandatory study trip in year 3. Approximate)

Studying Finance & Control at the UoC

Studying Finance & Control at the UoC

The Finance & Control program prepares you to be able to give advice. Amongst other things, this implies that the program helps you to develop good written and verbal communication skills. You will learn to reflect on your own actions and your personal learning, which enables you to adjust your approach. The program also encourages you to develop an entrepreneurial spirit.

You will be trained amongst others in how to prepare financial reports, in what is involved in overseeing a company's budget objectives, such as the investment of funds and overseeing cash management activities.

Academics - Bachelor in Finance & Control

Finance professionals show due care and attention in their actions. They will ensure that the management of an organization is informed in a timely and adequate manner. They demonstrate awareness of the social context in which they carry out their financial role and will stand firm when dealing with ethical dilemmas that could play a role in the resolution of financial issues.

Advantages of a Bachelor’s Finance & Control

Advantages of a Bachelor’s Finance & Control

The F&C program is a professional directed educational program. Development and application of knowledge, training in professional skills and in the correct professional attitude are integral parts of this program. Graduates in Finance & Control know how to develop and manage procedures and systems that ensure that the best decisions are taken. Moreover, they have a good understanding of the human, cultural and non-financial aspects of a decision or transaction.

Your career options can be but are not limited to:

  • Financial Controller
  • Business analyst
  • Consultant
  • Risk manager
  • Business controller
  • Treasurer
  • Account manager
  • Head of administration
  • Entrepreneur

Admission requirements

  • Havo, vwo, sbo level 4 diploma or a colloquium doctum.


*Positively assessed by the NVAO. 



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