Bachelor in Business & Management Studies

Bachelor in Business & Management Studies

Bachelor in Business & Management Studies

Business & Management Studies

  • Duration:
    4 years

  • Lecture hours:
    Daily sessions
    8:00 AM – 9:00 PM

  • Language of instruction:

  • Type:
    Bachelor of Applied Science

  • Program Coordinator:

  • Faculty:
    Faculty of Social Sciences and Economics

Tuition fees:

  • ANG 5,100 per year (tuition fee)

  • ANG 1,000 per year (books, syllabi, etc.)
    ANG 500 exam tuition (year 4)
    ANG 3,000 (mandatory study trip in year 3. Approximate)

Studying Business & Management at the UoC

Studying Business & Management at the UoC

Welcome to where your journey into the dynamic world of Business and Management Studies (BMS) begins. Our program is not just a course of study; it's an adventure that prepares you to navigate and lead in the fast-evolving global business landscape.

Why Choose Business and Management Studies at UoC?

Why Choose Business and Management Studies at UoC?

  • Global Perspective: learn to operate within diverse cultural landscapes, enhancing your ability to make informed decisions on an international scale.
  • Innovative Curriculum: from exploring the fundamentals of (digital) marketing and business industries to creating your own business and engaging in exchange programs, our curriculum is designed to keep you ahead in the game.
  • Career Readiness: our program equips you with the skills to not just enter the business world, but to shape it, ensuring you are more than just a graduate—you are a future leader.
Program Overview:

Program Overview:

  • Year 1: dive into the essentials of marketing and the business industry, setting a solid foundation for your global business journey.
  • Year 2: channel your inner entrepreneur as you learn to conceptualize and develop your own business ventures.
  • Year 3: expand your horizons with exchange programs and internships abroad, gaining invaluable international experience.
  • Year 4: specialize with advanced courses tailored to your interests, culminating in a graduation project that showcases your expertise.
Benefits of our Program:

Benefits of our Program:

  • Global Networking: forge connections worldwide through our international exchange programs.
  • Real-World Experience: gain hands-on experience with internships that prepare you for the complexities of the business world.
  • Versatile Skillset: develop a broad range of skills, from analytical thinking to creative problem-solving, making you adaptable in any business environment.
Your Future Career:

Your Future Career:

  • Entrepreneurs: start and lead your own successful ventures with confidence and creativity.
  • Business Managers: drive organizational success through effective management and strategic decision-making.
  • Consultants: offer expert advice to businesses across industries, helping them navigate challenges and seize opportunities.


Join Us at BMS: are you ready to become a leader in the business world? Apply to the Business and Management Studies program at UoC today and start building the future you dream of.

Admission requirements

  • Havo, vwo, sbo level 4 diploma or a colloquium doctum


*Positively assessed by the NVAO. 



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