UoC College of Music

ddd Music plays an important role in our Curaçao culture. The music of Curaçao is diverse and profound, with many local forms, such as Seu, Tambú, Tumba, Ritmo kombiná, but also with many regional influences, like salsa, zouk, bachata, just to mention a few.  Many young children grow up with music, there are many bands on the island and we have our famous musicians and singers like Randal Corsen, Eric Calmes, Cedric Dandare, Pernell Saturnino, Tania Kross and Izaline Calister.  They studied Music in the Netherlands or the US. Normally if a resident of Curaçao wanted to study music, they would have to go to a conservatory in Holland or another country.  But now the ambitious musician who does not have the possibility or does not want to go to Holland or the US, but is seriously interested in studying music at a conservatorium level, has possibility to go to the College of Music at the UoC. The College of Music, UoC will prepare students to become highly skilled musicians or music teachers that will contribute to Curaçaos’ cultural growth at the national and international level. We embrace local talented youths and adults and encourage them cultivating their musical talents and shaping their abilities to excel and cross international music borders.

The UoC College of Music will start in September 2016 with a general preparatory program Music, where you will participate in a vast array of coursework and experiences designed to prepare you to be the best musician or music teacher you can be. The preparatory program will prepare you for the required level of an undergraduate conservatorium level, that will start in September 2017 with two bachelor programs, i.e. Bachelor of Music and Bachelor of Music Education. At both the preparatory program and the bachelor programs you will work with music education teachers every semester and participate in planned workshops and performances.

With the Bachelor of Music you can become a crafted musician. You can play your instrument or sing at a high level, you develop your own personal music identity and you will learn to contribute in different ways to the music scene, as a producer, composer, singer or music teacher. With the Bachelor of Music Education you will become a skilled teacher in music lesson, able to teach at different school levels or other social communities. Both bachelor programs will last 4 years. They consist of a propedeutical year, a main program and a graduation stage,  here you will do your graduation music project. In order to start with the preparatory program you have to do an audition. The auditions will take place between 15 th and 29 th of August. The audition fee will be Naf 25,-. You can apply for the audition by filling the registration form at www.uoc.cw/schoolofmusic

The preparatory program will start in the 3 rd week of September and exist of maximum 5 hours lessons per week. You can start with the preparatory program even if you have not finished your secondary school program. The entry requirements for the preparatory and bachelor programs are SBO4, Havo or Vwo. If you are older than 23 years but didn’t finish secondary school at one of these levels, you can apply for a colloquium doctum, where you are tested for general knowledge and learning skills, like Dutch, English, and academic skills.  For more information, visit our facebook page ‘college of music UoC’ or send an email to This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it..